Terms & conditions


I acknowledge and agree that I will maintain a membership for six (6) months and that I will be responsible and liable for the membership dues ($299/month) for the entire membership term selected, regardless of usage or any change in circumstance. I acknowledge that my membership is only valid at the ATL BLAST studio locations. I also acknowledge that my membership dues will be auto-deducted from an account of my choosing on the same day of each month, beginning on the day I choose to enroll in said membership package. In the event that the credit card I have provided does not go through for any reason whatsoever, I understand that all of my existing class reservations will be immediately canceled and that my membership will be suspended until I update my payment method and my account balance is reconciled. I understand that with my unlimited membership I am able to reserve classes on a rolling thirty (30) day basis; however, I understand that I am only able to take and/or reserve one class per day. I further understand and agree that my membership benefits are exclusive to me and are in no way transferable to or shareable with any other person.

I acknowledge and agree that if I desire to cancel a class reservation I must do so at least eight (8) hours prior to the class start time in order to avoid a late cancel penalty. Failure to cancel a class more than eight (8) hours prior to class time will result in a $33 late cancel fee, per infraction. In the event that I wish to cancel my entire six (6) month unlimited membership package, I understand that there is a sixty (60) day penalty for doing so, equating to a $598 membership cancellation fee.

I acknowledge and agree that I am able to suspend my unlimited membership for any reason whatsoever for $30/week (up to 2 weeks per year). Medical reasons are exempt with written notification from a physician clearly stating that I am unable to exercise due to injury AND a date in which I will be able to exercise again.