BLAST is for every fitness level.

We offer an individualized, full-body workout incorporating everything you need in just 60 minutes.

Our classes provide the structure, motivation, guidance and equipment needed, but you adjust the pace, intensity and weight based on your current fitness level.

Each class consists of invigorating intervals of cardio and strength training. You will rotate between the treadmill and the floor evenly in varying blocks of time.

We strengthen, tone and define every muscle group, and no two training sessions are alike, so your workouts stay fresh and effective.


BLAST classes offer:

60 minutes of varying treadmill & floor intervals. 30 total minutes of cardio, 30 total minutes of strength training


Coaching for those working in Heart Rate Training zones and guidelines to maintain high or low intensity workouts as needed

Walker, Jogger, Runner guidelines allowing individuals of differing fitness levels to push themselves where they are most comfortable


Instructors who are certified and trained to personalize your workout, correct your form, and modify for any fitness level or injuries

Equipment and exercises that change daily on the floor (ex: dumbbells, bars, bands, medicine balls) as well as the treadmill (ex: rolling hills, sprints, side shuffles, lunges)


Instructor Assistants who will replenish your water bottle, swap out your towel as needed, and provide you with heavier or lighter equipment so that all you have to focus on is giving your body the best workout possible


Still wondering if you should BLAST?

Alternating periods of intense exercise with brief recovery periods (High Intensity Interval Training- "HIIT") is the most efficient and effective way to build muscle, lose weight and improve your cardiovascular system. You will be burning calories and blasting fat long after your workout is over; you have 1,440 minutes in a day, we only take 60 of them.

It’s your one hour of the day where the only person you’re competing against is yourself.
— Sarah L.
Their treadmills have a much higher incline, allowing you to work on your strength and cardio at the same time!
— Benj M.
You will be challenged every time you walk in the door.
— Dillan P.

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