What's the crew?

The BLASTLife CREW is a community that Connects Results Expertise and Wellness

You've taken your first class. You've taken a few classes. You're ready for more.
Welcome to the CREW!


We have created a community that is just for YOU!

These CREW groups are a space for like-minded and motivated people to get their fitness and nutrition questions answered, receive tips from our experts and share experiences in an open forum setting (what works, what doesn’t, recipe swaps, competitions, social events and more).

Each group is private and just for CREW members to ask questions, interact with the BLAST experts and inspire one another with a collective passion for self-evolution.

Becoming a member of the BLASTLife CREW unlocks access to the ultimate BLAST experience. Whether you are looking for accountability, support, or just for information, we’ve got your back!

*You will be added to the relevant CREW group during your Fitness Assessment based on your primary fitness goals.

The Fitness Assessment

What's your mission? Do you want to lose weight? Are you trying to gain lean muscle mass? How about improve your athletic performance? Or, maybe you just want to be healthy.

Our team of specialists offer an unparalleled suite of private, one-on-one services to establish your metabolic baseline, help you overcome plateaus, and achieve your weight loss, lifestyle or performance goals more efficiently.

  This Fitness Assessment is feasible for all fitness levels. If you can walk for 12 minutes on a treadmill, we can gather all of the information we need.

This Fitness Assessment is feasible for all fitness levels. If you can walk for 12 minutes on a treadmill, we can gather all of the information we need.

Establish YOUR Metabolic Baseline

Too often, Heart Rate Training (HRT) zones are determined by outdated, generalized, age-based theories, and unreliable calculations. This presents a problem as it establishes one-size-fits-all zones that do not take into account a person's unique physiology, fitness level, or genetics. 

With metabolic testing, you can establish your metabolic baseline and be certain what your HRT zones should be. No theories. No guessing. Just scientifically precise and accurate information unique to you that will allow you to crush your health and fitness goals. 

Establishing your metabolic baseline consists of:

  • Your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate)
    • Shows how many calories you burn in a resting state (i.e. just sitting on the couch)
  • Your Metabolic Heart Rate Assessment (Anaerobic Threshold + VO2 Max)
    • Identifies your precise target heart rate zones so you can exercise more effectively with less fatigue and potential for injury

*Your RMR and your Metabolic Heart Rate Assessment are both critical pieces of information when determining a personalized fitness or nutrition regime!


Personalized Cardio Prescription

After your Fitness Assessment, we will use the information gathered, along with your goals, to create the ideal individualized exercise program - your own personalized Cardio Prescription!

Every time you walk out the door after a class you will receive an email with your post-workout results (ex. what your average heart rate was, the type of calories you burned during class, etc).

Having your individual, target heart rate zones programed into our system allows you to accurately track your efforts each time you BLAST and measure progress towards your goals!

The phrase ‘train smarter, not harder’ has completely changed the way I look at exercising forever. After completing my Fitness Assessment, and following my personal Cardio Prescription, I finally started really seeing the results I had been working at for years!
— Laura W.
The results from my Fitness Assessment serve not only as motivation to make my personal fitness a top priority, but also as a guide to intelligent exercise. The Fitness Assessment and Cardio Prescription provide a roadmap that will help you reach your goals consistently and efficiently no matter where and how you’re exercising.
— Jonathan S.
Completing my Fitness Assessment has given me a better understanding of how to control my heart rate and the importance of balancing high intensity vs. low intensity training days. I’m getting better results, and using my time spent exercising way more efficiently.
— Adam S.

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