eat real food.

Like with everything we do, we recognize that no two people are the same, and that one size does not fit all when it comes to nutrition or exercise. We also recognize that lifestyle plays a large factor in how and what we consume. That’s why our team of real experts will work with you to set real expectations.

We are proud to partner with Registered Dietitians* who seek to steer you away from fad diets, detoxes and cleanses that promise only short-term fixes. Instead, we arm you with the tools and education needed for sustainable and real results.


Your Registered Dietitian offers personalized nutrition services that take into account not only your age, gender, and physical activity level, but most importantly your lifestyle, food preferences and medical history.

Our goal is for you to become educated on basic nutrition and clean eating so that you can eat the foods you enjoy, while living a lifestyle you can actually maintain. 

Your Registered Dietitian customizes a nutrition plan designed for you to eat real food at home, in a restaurant or on-the-go, so that you can achieve and maintain your personal nutrition goals while living a balanced, healthier lifestyle.


*What’s a Registered DietiTian?

All BLAST Nutrition services are provided by a Registered Dietitian (RD). RDs are not simply “Nutritionists” or “Health Coaches” - they have gone through extensive training, professional credentialing and academic rigor to achieve this status, and are considered experts on the subject of food and nutrition. 

This changed my life forever. I used to think if I simply ate less and worked out harder I would lose weight. Instead, I was just tired and actually gaining weight. Meeting with a Registered Dietitian taught me how and what to eat to get where I wanted to be.
— Margaret T.
It wasn’t a diet, it was a lifestyle change. It’s all about what you eat and making small adjustments that really, really help. I felt great for my wedding and actually lost weight during the holidays!
— Collier C.
My Registered Dietitian taught me how to eat properly to fuel my body and maintain my blood sugar levels throughout the day. I was educated about why protein, carbs AND fats are all necessary for meals and how to maintain balance in my diet.
— Melinda M.

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