What's your number?

Your number is your anaerobic threshold. Your anaerobic threshold is where your body stops burning fat. Knowing your number ensures you are working at the right intensity to get the results that you want. 


Our team of specialists offer an unparalleled suite of private, one-on-one services established to ensure you’re working to meet your aesthetic, fitness, weight loss or performance goals efficiently and with purpose.

The BLAST Profile program will help you overcome plateaus, reach your goals and ultimately take your fitness to the next level. Utilizing the highest standards in Metabolic Testing and Heart Rate Training (HRT), we create customized programs designed for better success and optimized results on an individualized basis.




Metabolic Testing + Heart Rate Training

Heart Rate Training zones have been used by fitness professionals for decades to develop training programs for clients. These zones are used to define the duration and intensity of exercise needed to obtain your desired goals. 

Too often, HRT zones are determined by outdated, generalized, age-based theories, and unreliable calculations. This presents a problem as it establishes one-size-fits-all zones that do not take into account a person's unique physiology, fitness level, or genetics. 

Using the gold standard in metabolic testing, KORR technology, we can scientifically account for those factors and define accurate HRT zones specific to each individual's metabolism. 

Do I really need Metabolic Testing and Custom Heart Rate Zones?

What's your mission? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to gain lean muscle mass? How about improve your performance? Or, maybe you just want to be healthy..

It's common to exercise inefficiently. Most people equate any and all exercise to burning calories and "getting into shape." However, without a proper understanding of the correct HRT zones you should be using, you are just guessing, which often leads to frustration, lackluster results, unnecessary fatigue, or even potential injury.  

With Metabolic Testing, you can be certain what your HRT zones should be. No theories. No guessing. Just scientifically precise and accurate information unique to you that will allow you to crush your health and fitness goals. 



Personalized Cardio Prescription

During the BLAST Profile, you are guided through a cardiovascular assessment designed to gather the information needed to determine your proper HRT zones. This will allow us to create the ideal, individualized exercise program - your personalized Cardio Prescription. 

This assessment is feasible for all fitness levels. If you can walk for 12 minutes on a treadmill, we can gather all of the information we need. 


Completing my BLAST Profile has given me a better understanding of how to control my heart rate and the importance of balancing high intensity vs. low intensity training days. I’m getting better results, and using my time spent exercising way more efficiently.
— Adam S.
The phrase ‘train smarter, not harder’ has completely changed the way I look at exercising forever. After completing my BLAST Profile, and following my Personal Cardio Prescription, I finally started really seeing the results I had been working at for years!
— Laura W.
The results from my BLAST Profile serve not only as motivation to make my personal fitness a top priority, but also as a guide to intelligent exercise. The Profile provides a roadmap that will help you reach your goals consistently and efficiently no matter where and how you’re exercising.
— Jonathan S.

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