BLAST's Beautiful Brides

When you get engaged, it’s a whirlwind of joy, excitement, anxiety and stress, all at the same time. In preparation for your big day, these emotions can seem as if they consume you. Oftentimes, a high priority for future-brides is ensuring that they look their best on their special day - head to toe - and that includes being in the best shape of their lives. At BLAST, we have many brides-to-be who come in a few months before their special day, fall in love with how they look and feel and end up staying on as life-long clients. For some, it’s the physical results that turn them into lifelong customers, but for many, it’s the mental and emotional growth. Recently, we sat down with a few of our BLAST BRIDES and asked them what BLAST meant to them as they prepared to walk down the aisle and we wanted to share it with the BLAST FAMILY.


Cheney tied the knot on May 3, 2014, in Augusta, Georgia, but just because her day in the spotlight is behind her doesn’t mean she stopped showing up to BLAST. Check out how Cheney used BLAST to help her cope with wedding stress while planning a wedding:

Why did you decide to try BLAST for the first time?
I was working at lululemon Lenox and we were encouraged to try new classes in Buckhead. I came to BLAST for the first time with a friend…after one class, I was hooked!

What kept you coming back?
I kept coming back to BLAST because it works for me. I am terribly ADD when it comes to exercise – I crave variety. I love that no class is exactly alike, yet I know I will come in and get 30 minutes of cardio on the treadmill and 30 minutes of full body strength training on the floor. I like training with intervals because you can do anything for 30 seconds…even burpees!

What is your favorite thing about BLAST?
My favorite thing about BLAST is that it challenges me every single time.  Whether I am doing high or low intensity, there is always a new challenge. Plus, I love the energy from the motivating instructors, great music and vibes from the other clients!

What motivates you to keep pushing yourself in BLAST?
Seeing improvement in my strength, speed and endurance motivates me the most.  I am super competitive with myself.  When I see myself getting better, whether it be through my increased running speed or being able to perform a certain exercise with better form than the class before motivates me to keep coming back.  It's the little successes that motivate me to keep going.

What was the greatest challenge you overcame leading up to your wedding?
My greatest challenge was time management.  It seemed like if I wasn't working, I was doing something wedding related. I used BLAST to keep me de-stressed and it forced me to take at least one hour away for myself where I didn’t have to think about anything but getting through the sprint block or up the 30% incline.

Do you plan to continue BLASTing after the wedding?
Of course!  For me, BLAST was a great escape during wedding planning.  I will continue to use it for exercise, to keep me healthy - body and mind!


Emily was recently married on August 2, 2014, at the beautiful Chateau Elan. Four months before her big day, she decided to try BLAST to get in the best shape of her life. See what she said about her experience in the interview below:

Why did you first decide to try BLAST?
I had friends who tried it and RAVED about the workouts so I thought I’d give it a shot! I’m now one of those raving fans!

What kept you coming back?
Hands down, best workout class I’ve ever done. Fun, fast paced, makes you sweat, different workouts every time and you start seeing results fast!

What is your favorite thing about BLAST?
It's FUN! And each time you feel yourself getting stronger and faster.

Did you/do you and your fiancée/husband BLAST or exercise together?
We like to go for runs together and play on co-ed sports teams - kickball, softball and flag football.

Define the BLAST Life in three words or less:
Best. Workout. Ever.

What else would you like to share?
If you haven’t tried BLAST, you’re missing out!


On June 20, 2014, Yvette and her husband said “I do” on the U.S. Virgin Island, St. Thomas. A natural athlete all her life, Yvette was searching for something to push her physically the way playing tennis at the national level did. See what she has to say about BLAST below:

How did you first come across BLAST/why did you decide to try it?
I first came across BLAST while running past the East Andrews complex.  After several runs by, I looked up what BLAST was online and signed up for a class!  I decided to try it out because I loved the idea of a running/weight lifting class.

Have you always been an active person dedicated to fitness?
I have always been extremely active.  I grew up playing tennis about six hours a day.  Not having that anymore in my life was very hard.  BLAST pushes me the way tennis did.

What is your favorite thing about BLAST?
Not the incline! :)  My favorite thing about BLAST is working out in a group setting and being pushed by the person next to me to go faster.

How did BLAST play a part in preparing you for your wedding?
It took my mind off of wedding planning. I was able to bring my friends in with me to BLAST. It helped me get in the best shape possible!

What motivates you to keep pushing yourself in BLAST?
Everyone in the class with me and the motivational quotes on the wall!

Did you and your fiancée BLAST or exercise together?
Yes :) We BLAST together all the time!  It's nice to have someone to workout with!