Couples That BLAST Together, Stay Together

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is in the air at BLAST! In honor of Cupid’s holiday, we asked some of our BLAST couples to tell us how sweating it out in the studio helps them keep the heat in their love life.

Jenny & James

James and Jenny are fairly new to the BLAST FAMILY and while they have been married for two years, they have been together for more than eight. Although they both attended the same school and church for years, they didn’t cross paths until one fated day at WhirlyBall. Once they fell in love with each others sense of humor, the rest became history!

Do you feel like BLASTing together helps your relationship? 
Yes, we like knowing we’re getting a good workout and we push each other to be better.

Do you workout together outside of the BLAST studio?
Yes, we will go on jogs with our dog and go to the softball fields for batting and fielding practice during the warmer months.

What’s your post-workout refuel routine?
Coffee :) Then we part ways and go to work.

What are your favorite muscle groups to work?
Jenny - Abs and legs.
James - Chest and shoulders.

What’s your favorite BLAST song? 
We like different songs. Jenny loves the Journey remix she heard last week and James likes a Dave Matthews song he heard the other day.

Do you get competitive with each other on the treadmills?
No, we are usually the same pace but we push each other.

Do you have any health and fitness goals you are both working towards?
We are both just looking to lose a little weight. James is working on getting in shape for softball season and I'm getting ready for bathing suit season.

What are your plans for Valentine's Day?
We are going to start the day with BLAST followed by brunch at HobNob. After that we will just hang out, watch a movie and probably order take-out!

Laura & Robert

Better known as the “Wojos” around the BLAST studio, Laura and Robert have been together for nine years and married for two. When Laura’s friends decided to make her a three-day trial account as a joke, Robert made his move and gave her his number. A month later they went on their first date and have been a duo ever since!

What is a quality you admire most in your significant other?
Laura - Robert’s intellect, as there is never a dull moment.
Robert - Laura’s dedication to health, living a long and healthy life full of love.

Who decided to try BLAST first?
Laura! Laura decided to try BLAST first because she was interested in learning more about the HIIT method. After Laura’s first class, she thought Robert would really enjoy BLAST and kept mentioning it until it intrigued him. Finally, in the car on the way home from work, with a tension headache from a day that started with an energy drink and was surely going to end with a sleeping pill, he asked Laura to “sign him up.”

Have you always worked out together or did it start at BLAST?
Once in a blue moon! BLAST is what has brought us together working out. Prior to that, Robert primarily did weight lifting and Laura did various cardio and light-weight mixes. Rarely would you ever find us in the gym together.

Do you feel like BLASTing together helps your relationship?
Absolutely! Not only does it help reduce stress levels, but it’s something new we have in common that drives us to be better in all aspects of our lives. Our lives now revolve around being healthy and BLAST is a huge part of that.

What’s your post-workout refuel routine?
We always refuel together with a protein shake and a lot of puppy licks - I guess we are a little salty coming home.

What’s your favorite splurge?
You’ve probably heard about it on Laura’s spotlight, but both of us love gelato and have a small serving every night! It really helps keep the cravings down. A really big splurge may include traditional Italian pizza, wine and a nice dessert or some home made Polish perogies. Oh, and more wine.

If you spend an entire Saturday together, what is your ideal itinerary?
You can probably guess how it starts: wake up to a sunny morning, enjoy a cup of “Joe” with the puppies, eat a banana and head to BLAST. After we refuel, it’s on to a stretch class at a friend’s dance studio to limber up, brunch with friends, a nap and then a long walk to Piedmont Park or a hike with the puppies. Finally, we end with a great healthy dinner, wine and a movie.

Do you get competitive with each other on the treadmills or on the floor?
Laura can’t compete with weights, but whips Robert’s butt on the treadmills with her stamina. We both love sprinting at 12 and are very competitive, often competing in “plank offs” to keep our cores in check.

Do you have any health and fitness goals you are both working towards?
Robert would like to condition his body to be better at cardio as this is really the first time he’s done anything else other than throw heavy weights around. It’s been a lot of work (and pain) but he’s progressing along nicely. Laura is aiming for a six-pack and a rocking butt, simple as that!

Courtney & Jermaine

You may recognize Courtney as one of BLAST’s Sales Managers and Jermaine as one of our BLAST Assistants, but did you know that they are a couple of three years? Six years ago, Courtney was in need of a girls’ night so they hit up Wild Bills for the first time. Jermaine had just come home from Iraq and was out with one of Courtney’s friends when they happened to cross paths. Courtney and Jermaine only dated briefly before Jermaine was sent back overseas to Germany, so they decided to remain friends and stay in touch.  When he came home 2.5 years later, they picked up right where they left off and have been inseparable since!

What is a quality you admire most in your significant other?
Jermaine - Courtney is selfless and cares about the needs of others more then her own.
Courtney - His carefree attitude. He doesn't let anything bother him and never has a negative thing to say about a situation.

Who decided to try BLAST first?
Courtney was a client for almost a year before she started working at BLAST. She could never get Jermaine to come take classes with her as a client but when she started working for the company, he came and took some with her. After a couple of classes he said, "Tell Missi I want to work here." Since then, they have become BLAST’s power couple.

What’s your favorite splurge?
Jermaine - Sneakers. They have to match my hat.
Courtney - Workout clothes. I am in them everyday so why not have awesome ones?

What’s your favorite BLAST song?
Jermaine- "Turn Down For What" by DJ Snake and Lil Jon. It makes me run faster and get those sprints out!!
Courtney- "Pop That" by French Montana, Rick Ross, Drake, and Lil Wayne. This song is found on the “Barbara Special” playlist. I can't help but start to dance to it when it comes on!

Do you have any health and fitness goals you are both working towards?
Jermaine is trying to stay sexy for the summer and Courtney is trying to become a better version of herself with a goal to obtain 12-15 percent body fat.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the BLAST TEAM! We love all of you!