It’s February. That means Valentine’s Day and all the mushy, gushy romantic stuff is right around the corner. But what’s even more important (and better for you!) than picking out the right flowers, heart-shaped treats and chocolates? Breaking a sweat together! (No, not THAT kind of sweat, folks!!)

There is growing evidence that couples who workout together, really do increase their odds of remaining together! According to studies (Psychology Today), heading to the gym with your significant other can help in a multitude of ways:

  1. Increase happiness with your relationship. 

  2. Improve your efficiency. Your partner’s presence can help boost your speed and confidence.

  3. Help you achieve your fitness goals. Having someone who cares about you and your goals is motivating and encouraging.

  4. Increase your emotional connection. Nonverbal mimicry (weights moving, step patterns) helps you feel even more in-tune with your partner on a subconscious level. (Pretty cool, right?!)

These perks are just the beginning when it comes to the powerful impact working out with your partner can have on you - individually and as a couple.

We touched base with a few of the MANY couples who BLAST together. From those who will only BLAST as a pair to those who coordinate a perfectly executed ‘baby swap’ in order to get a sweat session in, one thing is certain - all BLAST couples are AMAZING!!

How long have you and your significant other been coming to BLAST together?

Somer and Mark: I (Somer) have been coming to BLAST for 5 years (I think!). At any rate, I’ve been BLASTing for a very long time! Mark started 2 or 3 years ago. He visited the Buckhead studio with me once and took Bri’s class, which just about killed him. He decided to try it again when the Midtown studio opened. During my pregnancy, we came together 3-4 times a week. I think he was concerned that I would overdo it, so he was determined to keep an eye on me. Little did he know, I was exaggerating my running pace to him to get him to come with me! I wanted the company and I love it when we can do it together - my plan worked!

Pam and Rob: We are coming up on one year!

Carla and John: About 4 years

Steffanie and Bruce: 1 year

Do you only go to class together?

 The baby trade off system works well for Somer and Mark.

The baby trade off system works well
for Somer and Mark.

Somer and Mark: Currently, we have a two month old baby boy at home that requires our full-time attention, so we can rarely go together. We have worked out a carpool/trade off system that works well for us. Mark will go to 10am class on Saturday and then I will bring Cash in the car and we make the quick switch! This works especially well for me as I get to hear about the workout and know what to expect/fear! We have even planned date nights where we get a nanny to watch Cash and we go to BLAST together and then out for dinner/drinks afterwards!

Pam and Rob: Yes! We try to most of the time, if we are both available.

Carla and John: No, but we try to go together at least once every week!

Steffanie and Bruce: No, we are on different schedules so it’s rare we are able to go together - but when we do, we bring our daughter, Payton who loves to support us!

Have you always worked out together?

Somer and Mark: We are both athletic and sports have always played a big role in our lives. I compete in long distance swim races and triathlons and I am recovering marathoner. Mark was a pole vaulter in college and still loves to talk about his high school football and basketball days. BLAST is just an evolution of sports for us - we may be old, but old habits die hard!

Pam and Rob: We have not worked out together in a long time. We never enjoyed doing the same things. We walked together a lot with our dogs, but that was about it. Rob talked me into trying BLAST and we both loved it. I enjoy the weights more and enjoys the treadmill, so it is a good balance for both of us and forces us to do both. We both worked out with a private trainer for years a long time ago and I liked P90X, but had gotten tired of the same thing over and over.

Carla and John: We’ve always worked out together in some fashion. However BLAST has take our fitness program to an entirely different level.

Steffanie and Bruce: We’re pretty independent when it comes to working out. BLAST really is the only reason we work out next to each other now!

What made you start?

Somer and Mark: I was looking for some interval and strength training to supplement my solo trip training. I have also suffered many injuries and I’m not the runner I once was so the brief intervals on the treadmill were attractive to me. Mark was using a personal trainer and doing CrossFit, but BLAST has been a better fit into his schedule and lifestyle.

 Carla and John after a BLAST class with Marilu.

Carla and John after a BLAST class with Marilu.

Carla and John: We wanted to keep challenging ourselves physically and mentally. We also wanted to stay healthy and strong.
Steffanie and Bruce: I forced him to try it. Now he’s hooked!

What benefits to your relationship do you feel you get from working out together?

Somer and Mark: We are stronger together! Seriously though, it is fun to encourage each other to go harder and farther. He is my favorite cheerleader and I hope I am his. Plus, we need all the help we can get being older parents and having to keep up with a growing baby boy!

Pam and Rob: I have always workout, but Rob only like to run or walk. I am very happy to see Rob doing some strength training because I think it is important to his health. I also think that attending class together keeps us coming and when one of us doesn’t feel like going, the other one encourages the other one to go! I don’t think either of us would attend as much as we do if we were not both going to classes. We keep each other accountable.

Carla and John: It is fun to keep each other motivated. Besides, as Bri Sexton most eloquently stated, you are too tired to fight with each other afterwards!

Steffanie and Bruce: We love to talk about the classes and compare who worked harder haha

The BLAST mix of cardio, weights, resistance, stretching and more means that there is something for everyone, which is perfect for couples with slightly different tastes in fitness. Runner, walker, weights enthusiast or somewhere in between, BLAST offers a great platform for couples to train for life together!