Let's Face It...You Sweat!

Fitness & Skin Care Tips from Your Favorite BLAST Trainers

Let’s face it. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, a walker, a runner or somewhere in between, when you workout - YOU SWEAT! And when you’re going hard and moving from the tread to the floor during a BLAST class you tend to sweat A LOT!!

While you’re busy focusing on your instructor and the next exercise, your sweat is mixing with dirt and bacteria on your skin. This nasty mix sits on your skin and soaks right back into your pores, which can lead to breakouts and blemishes - yuck!

We checked in with our trainers, who through years in fitness, have mastered the art of keeping their skin healthy and glowing all while sweating up a fat-burning, muscle-building storm! They’ve shared some of their favorite tips, tricks and products for keeping skin looking and feeling great.

Bri S.

 Bri, BLAST Fitness Director, swears by Clairsonic.

Bri, BLAST Fitness Director, swears by Clairsonic.

Clairsonic! Clairsonic! Bri swears by it. She says it removes the sweat and dirt better than any other way of cleansing she has tried. It keeps the skin smooth and vibrant. Just use it every night before bed. 


Nothing fancy, says Marilu! Just Cetaphil cleanser every night and morning before doing her make-up!

Sarah B.

Sarah keeps it as natural as can be! She refrains from using products and sticks with keeping her skin clean and refreshed with plain, old water. Sometimes it doesn’t take anything fancy!


When Nicole is on-the-go she loves keeping Neutrogena’s Shine Control on hand. It helps keep your skin looking fresh and not oily. Perfect for after a hard BLAST sweat session. 

 Coconut oil for everything!

Coconut oil for everything!

Kelly and Christa

Coconut oil for everything!! Seriously, these two swear by it! Both Kelly and Christa love using natural coconut oil for moisturizing skin and hair. Plus it can even be used as a moisturizing shaving cream substitute and make-up remover. Christa says she always keeps one jar marked ‘cooking’ and one marked ‘skin/hair’ just to be safe. 


Another lover of keeping it simple. Denae uses just a Gold Dial Bar every single day. Her key to success is: less is more when it comes to products (food included!) you use in and on your body! If you can’t pronounce an ingredient - don’t use it!

Whether you implement some of the tips, tricks and products mentioned by our BLAST trainers or you already have a skin care regimen that works for you, these last three tips are great for everyone to remember:

“Less is more when it comes to products (including food!) you use in and on your body”
— Denae, Assistant Fitness Director
  1. Get rest! Well-rested skin always looks healthier and more refreshed. Getting those Zzz’s will help your skin and entire body recover.

  2. Change your sheets often! Your face is against a pillow all night long. If it’s dirty, all that dirt is going right onto your skin and into your pores.

  3. Consistency! Find a plan that works for you and stay consistent. Keep products readily available in your gym bag and at home so you aren’t forced to skip out on skin care!


“...refreshed with plain, old water. Sometimes it doesn’t take anything fancy”
— Sarah B., DC BLAST