The hustle and bustle, the smell of pine and freshly baked cookies, ribbons and bows on every aisle - it’s official, the holiday season is here and in full swing. With its arrival comes office parties, ladles of eggnog and family and friend gatherings too numerous to count. We work hard all year long, eating healthy and pushing our bodies in and out of BLAST class, it’s hard to imagine throwing all of the dedication away for a few nights of festive fun. But it’s also hard to fathom skipping out on making memories with those we hold dear during such a magical time of year. 

Good news! With a few simple tips and tricks you can have it all! Keep up with your healthy lifestyle (aka don't pack on the pounds) all while celebrating the season with those close to you.

Pour Smart: Liquid calories can add up fast. Drink water between each alcoholic beverage to keep you feeling full resulting in drinking less.

Think Small: Smaller portions, smaller sips, smaller bites. Not only can you enjoy a taste of all the good stuff, but lots of smaller bites and sips tricks your brain into thinking it ate/drank more than it really did.

Catch those Zzzz’s: Catching a solid 6-8 hours of sleep the night before a holiday party can actually play a positive role in keeping you healthy. When we are sleep-deprived, we are more prone to reach for carbohydrates and fat-laden foods. A good night’s sleep can help women feel fuller after eating and men can have a reduced appetite. Plus, all that rest will have your batteries recharged for a fun-filled party.

Don’t Linger: Out of sight, out of mind. Rather than stand at the table full of creamy dips and salty chips, where you’ll mindlessly chat and munch the night away - fill a small plate and chat elsewhere. 

Break a Sweat: Plan ahead! If you know there are a lot of upcoming holiday parties on your calendar try to sneak in an extra BLAST class. Not able to squeeze in an entire hour, try parking further away while out holiday shopping or taking the stairs at work during the holidays rather than the elevator.

Protein Power: Not only is protein great for fueling your muscles, but it also stabilizes blood sugar which can help to reduce cravings. Before heading to a party enjoy some lean protein and while at the party, reach for meat.

Come Bearing Gifts: Not only is it polite to bring a dish to share, it’s also a great way to bring a healthy option. 

The best part about this list is that it’s easy, it’s doable. Try them all or just a couple. Either way you’ll be setting yourself up for a successful, healthy holiday season all while still enjoying yourself and those around you.