MEET ERIKA: New Midtown Studio Manager

You may have noticed a happy new face greeting you at the Midtown studio lately. With an extensive fitness background and an intense passion for healthy living, new Midtown Studio Manager, Erika Maxie, is excited (and it shows!) to step in and make a difference. Her love of BLAST and breaking a sweat is truly contagious and we hope it spreads like wildfire to staff and members!

Erika wholeheartedly believes in the BLASTLife and hopes to help everyone understand that BLAST is more than just coming to a class for an hour a couple times per week. BLAST is about living a fit, healthy and happy lifestyle.

We caught up with Erika for a quick Q&A, but be sure to say hi the next time you’re in studio.

Where are you from? I’m originally from Chicago, IL.

What makes BLAST your favorite? Although I just started BLASTing in late 2016, I LOVE IT! I love that BLAST offers an education and level of expertise on fitness and exercise not offered elsewhere. One big takeaway from my very first class was how instructor, Justyn, share the importance of eating well after class. It was a great reminder that living the BLASTLife doesn’t end after you walk out of the studio. BLAST is special; we promote how to create and maximize a lifestyle of fitness.

Why did you start BLAST/living a healthy and fit lifestyle? I’ve always had a passion for fitness and the BLASTLife has given me the opportunity to share with others an amazing exercise experience. I’m motivated and excited about helping others build a healthy mind/body mindset.

And just for fun, what’s a random, little known fact about you? Outside of fitness and BLAST, I also love playing the flute!




Welcome to the BLAST FAM, Erika!!